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Initial Development

The initial development which resulted in version 1.0 of the Principles included the following stages – each discussed below in more detail:

  1. Admin Draft Process (early summer 2021),
  2. Public Review Process (late summer 2021),
  3. Version 1.0 Release (fall 2021), and

Admin Draft Process

The Admin draft was co-authored collaboratively by individuals and organizations. Contributors to the draft were allowed to decide whether they wanted to publicly support the Principles as a co-signer or co-author or to remain private. Issues addressed in the admin draft process included:

  • Purpose and need,
  • Use cases,
  • Scope bounding,
  • Vision, and
  • Organization and governance.

More details about the admin draft review process can be found in the Admin Draft Review Process Summary

Public Review Process

  • 8/16 Final up/down on how individuals and organizations will appear on public release
  • 8/20 Public launch of website
  • 9/9 Public info session (presentation)
  • 9/13 Review comments and applications to be a co-author due
  • 9/15 Co-authors review comments/suggestions on an ongoing basis, prioritizing those submitted by 9/13
  • 9/15 Co-authors review applications to be a co-author
  • 10/24 Final language adopted by co-authors

More details about the public draft review process can be found in the Public Draft Review Process Summary

Version 1.0 Release Process

  • 10/12 Finalize co-signatories and for v1.0 Release
  • Late October: Release of v1.0
  • 12/09: Town Hall

How can I participate?

In addition to being an official co-author or cosignatory, we have identified the following other ways that you can support the Principles and their vision.

Internal champion Be an advocate for the Principles within your organization by using the community resources or developing your own.
If possible, work towards your organization co-signing the Principles.
Let us know how we can support you and your organization to implement the Principles.

Ongoing Governance

Changes to the Principles will be evaluated by the co-authors on a regular basis. If consensus cannot be reached among the co-authors, changes will be raised to a majority vote. Co-authors will consider that changes may affect the co-signers’ willingness to continue their support.

Ongoing management and leadership of the Principles is an ongoing discussion among the co-authors and co-signers.

The co-authors have agreed upon the following process for the inclusion of new co-authors:

  1. New co-authors shall be accepted by application during an open call prior to the release of each version of the Mobility Data Interoperability Principles.
  2. Co-authors must be institutions, transit agencies, or other non-profit organizations. Applications will not be accepted from for-profit companies, nor shall such companies be considered eligible to apply.
  3. Upon receipt of an application from an eligible organization, the co-authors will schedule a vote on the question of admitting the organization as a co-author.
  4. The initial question will be one of unanimous consent: if there are no objections to the admission of the applicant organization, the co-authors will formally move to accept the applicant organization as a co-author.
  5. If there are objections, they will be stated and discussed.
  6. If the question of admitting the applicant organization should be called again following the discussion of objections, the applicant organization may be admitted with a majority (50%+1 vote) of all co-authors voting in favor.