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MDIP Project Governance


When capitalized in this document, the words “MUST”, “MUST NOT”, “REQUIRED”, “SHALL”, “SHALL NOT”, “SHOULD”, “SHOULD NOT”, “RECOMMENDED”, “MAY”, and “OPTIONAL” refer to their respective definitions in RFC 2119.

This document outlines the roles, policies, procedures, and structures that guide the collaborative and transparent stewardship of the Mobility Data Interoperability Principles (“MDIP”) Project. The MDIP Project is a collaborative effort by government agencies, mobility service providers, and nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to changing the relationship between transit and technology. MDIP establishes a vision for the transit industry in which all mobility data is communicated by interoperable technology components using open standards. Interoperability is the next step for the software and hardware that support transit operations, planning, reporting, and the rider experience. It is a necessary condition for transit to keep pace with the changing world of personal mobility and to develop service that meets the expectations of the riding public.


This document references many terms of art related to the project which are defined in definitions page.

The rest of this document is organized as follows:

The people and organizations filling roles articulated in this document are articulated in the document

Governance Principles

The Mobility Data Interoperability Principle’s Governance is designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Accountability,
  • Collegiality,
  • Transparency, and
  • Effective stewardship.


The following roles for individuals, groups and organizations are defined as part of the MDIP Governance:

Role Who
MDIP Coalition Coalition list
MDIP Coalition Chair Paul Swartz, MBTA
MDIP Coalition Coordinator Thomas Craig, WS DOT
MDIP Co-signatories Co-signatories list
MDIP Manager MobilityData
MDIP Program Manager Cristhian Hellion, MobilityData

MDIP Coalition

Public sector and nonprofit organizations that are committed to realizing the vision of the Principles and serve as the governing body for the MDIP Project. If no MDIP Manager is selected, the MDIP Coalition MUST be responsible for their activities as well.

MDIP Coalition Chair

Chosen by the MDIP Coalition, this person MUST act as the lead of the body and be responsible for chairing MDIP Coalition meetings and working with the MDIP Program Manager and MDIP Coalition Coordinator for scheduling agendizing them.

MDIP Coalition Organizational Representative

An individual within their organization who is responsible for communication and voting activity as a member of the MDIP Coalition.

MDIP Coalition Coordinator

Chosen by the MDIP Coalition, this individual MUST be responsible for coordinating the actions and activities of the MDIP Coalition including:

MDIP Co-signatories

Individuals or organizations who have asked to be publicly recognized for their agreement with the Principles.

MDIP Manager

Chosen by the MDIP Coalition, this individual or organization MUST oversee daily management of the MDIP Project at the direction of the MDIP Coalitionin pursuit of the MDIP Project Roadmap consistent with available resources, including: Identifying, pursuing, and managing human and monetary resources available to the MDIP Project (e.g. grant opportunities);

  • Building and demonstrating consensus that the mobility industry should be organized around interoperable technology in alignment with the Principles;
  • Maintaining a high-profile in relevant venues and conduct targeted direct outreach which establishes the MDIP Project as the leader in the mobility data interoperability space;
  • eveloping and maintaining an active space for collaboration among MDIP Coalition;
  • Developing and maintaining an active space for news, collaboration with and feedback from MDIP Co-signatories; and
  • Facilitating a decision-making process of the MDIP Coalition to develop and regularly update the MDIP Project Roadmap.
  • Depending on the MDIP Project Roadmap, and available resources, the MDIP Manager MAY:
  • Identify, commit and or manage resources towards an Open Standards Project;
  • Regularly update the MobilityDataverse;
  • Develop and regularly update the Open Standards Project Template; and
  • Promote, expand, and regularly update the Procurement Resource.
  • The MDIP Manager MUST identify and work with the MDIP Coalition Chair to manage any organizational conflicts of interest. The MDIP Manager MUST NOT engage in any activity in conflict with the Principles

The MDIP Manager MUST

  • be a legal organization or individual capable of receiving and managing US Federal Funding; and
  • be in good standing with their legal domicile.

MDIP Program Manager

Chosen by the MDIP Manager, this individual MUST serve as the main contact between the MDIP Coalition and the MDIP Manager.

Document Changelog

2023-12-07 Initial Documentation

Initial documentation of governance as approved by coalition over email.