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MDIP Coalition Decision-Making

In order to be considered approved by the MDIP Coalition, relevant documents and policies MUST be voted on by at least ⅔ of the MDIP Coalition and be approved by ⅔ of the members who choose to vote.


A vote MAY be initiated orally at a meeting of the Coalition by any Coalition member or the MDIP Coalition Coordinator (“the Proposer”), but MUST be accompanied by a written call for the vote at which time the minimum voting period commences. The written call for a vote MUST contain a link to any supporting material in question as well as the voting time period, which MUST not be less than 72 hours.

The MDIP Coalition Coordinator SHOULD disseminate a ‘last call’ for votes between 12 and 32 hours before the voting time period closes.

The MDIP Coalition Coordinator SHOULD extend the voting time period by up to a week if the requisite number of Coalition members (⅔) have not cast their vote.

MDIP Coalition Organizational Representatives SHOULD vote on a proposal either orally at a meeting, or in writing to the MDIP Coalition Coordinator and the rest of the Coalition. Votes, especially votes of dissent, SHOULD be accompanied with reasoning and relevant suggestions for “getting to yes”. MDIP Coalition Organizational Representatives may amend their vote at any time during the voting period.

Any member of the Coalition, or MAY request a pause in the voting for an opportunity to discuss the proposal at a meeting of the Coalition. If requested, the MDIP Coalition Coordinator MUST organize a meeting within one-week of the request.

The Proposer MAY withdraw or amend their proposal at any time during the voting period, but votes made prior to any amendment MUST be recast.

Items Requiring Co-author Approval

The following items MUST be subject to the approval of the MDIP Coalition upon any Normative Change:

Non-normative changes SHALL NOT require any MDIP Coalition Approval.

Decision Documentation

The MDIP Coalition Coordinator MUST ensure that MDIP Coalition decisions are recorded in meeting minutes stored on the MDIP Shared Folder.

The MDIP Manager MUST ensure that MDIP Coalition decisions:

  • Result in relevant updates to the MDIP Website within one week of approval.
  • Are reflected in relevant document change-logs.

Example Process

The following bullets summarize the implementation of the above process for a relatively agreeable change:

  1. Updated MDIP Roadmap presented to MDIP Coalition which needs their approval.
  2. Proposed document is amended in real-time during the meeting to address concerts of the MDIP Coalition.
  3. MDIP Coalition Coordinator calls a vote at the meeting and 10 out of 20 Coalition members who are there cast their vote orally and approve.
  4. MDIP Coalition Coordinator disseminates a call for a vote with a link to the proposed document and a time period for voting in 5 days (in consideration that some days that week are a holiday for some).
  5. 1 MDIP Coalition member asks some questions in-line in the proposed document which other MDIP Coalition members respond to since they were discussed at the meeting.
  6. 4 of the remaining 10 Coalition members cast their affirmative vote via email. MDIP Coalition Coordinator emails a “last call” for votes.
  7. 2 of the remaining 6 MDIP Coalition members cast their affirmative vote via email.
  8. MDIP Coalition Coordinator emails a tally of the resulting vote:
    • 16/20 members voted
    • 16/16 voted to approve
  9. MDIP Coalition Coordinator and MDIP Manager appropriately document the vote and update relevant documents.

Document Changelog

2023-12-07 Initial Documentation

Initial documentation of governance as approved by coalition over email.