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MDIP Coalition Composition


MDIP Coalition members (“Members”) MUST be:

  • A public sector or nonprofit organization; and
  • Committed to realizing the vision of the Principles.

The MDIP Coalition MAY be of any size.

Admission Process

Additional Members MUST be admitted through a process which includes:

  • Appropriate decision-making within their respective organization that is required to become a Member;
  • Indication of a desire to become a Member to the MDIP Program Manager or an existing Member;
  • Written indiciation of their commitment to realizing the vision of the Principles to the MDIP Program Manager;
  • Approval of their membership by the current MDIP Coalition.

Participation Expectations

Each Member SHOULD:


Members MAY resign as a Member by indicating their desire to do so in written communication to the MDIP Program Manager or MDIP Coalition Chair. Ideally, this communication provides an indication of their reasoning for this action.

Members MAY be removed from the MDIP Coalition for violating the Member requirement of commitment to the Principles or for violating the Code of Conduct. For a Member to be removed from the MDIP Coalition:

Coalition Members

Document Changelog

2023-12-07 Initial Documentation

Initial documentation of governance as approved by coalition over email.