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The MDIP Coalition SHOULD appoint an individual or organization to serve as the MDIP Manager. In order to appoint an MDIP Manager, the MDIP Coalition MUST execute a memorandum of understanding with that organization or individual which recognizes them in that role and articulates the expectations of both parties and the period of performance.


If the MDIP Manager fails to serve adequately in the role, the MDIP Coalition SHOULD seek a remedy through:

  • First discussing specific concerns with the MDIP Managerto resolve any miscommunication about role responsibilities;
  • If the concerns remain outstanding, mutually agree to a performance improvement plan with specific performance milestones over a period not to exceed three months; and
  • If the milestones are not met, explore termination of the organization or individual in fulfilling the MDIP Manager role.

The MDIP Coalition SHOULD provide as much financial or in-kind support as is practicable to the MDIP Manager in supporting the activities articulated in the MDIP Roadmap including identifying and helping secure grants, memberships, and direct financial support.

Document Changelog

2023-12-07 Initial Documentation

Initial documentation of governance as approved by coalition over email.